College Kids Snow Shoveling


Our Crews

College Kids Snow Shoveling presently comprises 18 crews servicing 7 cities. We anticipate expanding to Way County in March and we ALWAYS seek new crew members. To become a College Kids Snow Shoveling crew member or join our organization, please telephone or e-mail one of our contacts and we will put you to work earning your college tuition monies as soon as we can.







Crews Tonario County:

  • Danancaigua: Main Street Crew, Johnson Brothers Crew, Kennedy Park Crew, Strong Crew

  • Gevena: Swenson Park Crew, Country Club Drive Crew, Sonoma All-girls Crew

  • Phelps Springs: Francis and Bacon Crew, Hoops Crew

  • Clifton: Pearl Jam Crew, Neil and Young Crew

  • Chesterville: Floyd Street Crew

  • Shortsman: Pink Flamingoes Crew, Red Tomatoes Crew, Willin Crew

  • Bloom Meadows: Baker Street Crew, Rowe Park Crew, South Main Street Crew

College Kids Snow Shoveling ALWAYS accepts new crew members and is presently seeking several new CKSS crew members for expansion into Way County beginning Februry 14th. Please SEE BELOW TO LEARN HOW TO BECOME A CKSS CREW MEMBER!

Become a College Kids Snow Shoveling crewmember

College Kids Snow Shoveling welcomes all kids 12-18 years of age to join our crews, form a new crew of your own, or work as Solo Seniors (16-18 years of age). We need crew members for new and existing contracts all over Tonario County, and starting in February we will need crews for Way County towns, also. Apply today and begin earning your college and trade schools tuitions monies immediately!


Crews in your area

Senior CKSS members and Captains



1-800-COLLEGE, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, If Affluence, Otherwise Ingenuity 20500