College Kids Snow Shoveling


We CAN afford tuitions

The old-fashioned way: we work for it. Our college tuition monies, that is. And we do it without polluting the air. Since 2001, fifteen of us kids who otherwise would never have been able to afford to go to college shoveled our way to opportunities everybody told us we could not create for ourselves.






New Contracts

January saw College Kids Snow Shoveling garner 34 new customers:

The Smiths: 22 Saltonsmall Street -- $18.00 per service
The Jones: 65 South Main Street -- $18.00 per service
The Riches: 129 Lincoln Avenue -- $18.00 per service
Mr. Gates: 4431 Michigan Boulevard -- $18.00 per service
Mrs. Gibson: 177 American Lane -- $14.00 per service (senior discount)
Ms. Jenny Kinder: 14 Richardson Avenue -- $14.00 per service (senior discount)
Mr. Krause: 238 Utility Street -- $14.00 per service (senior discount)
The Ryans: 2 John Golf Lane -- $18.00 per service
The Currans: 15 Roosevelt Boulevard -- $32.00 per service (Large Lot)
The Pendletons: 67 Horseshoe Court -- $18.00 per service
The Morgans: 222 Range Road -- $18.00 per service
The Cassidys: 48 Saltonsmall Street -- $18.00 per service
Mr. Booker: 49 Washinton Street -- $18.00 per service
The Gordons: 12 Lincoln Avenue -- $18.00 per service
Mrs. O'Leary: 128 American Lane -- $18.00 per service
Newton's Barber Shop: 17 East Main Street -- $12.00 (Storefront)
Perez Taco Shop: 19 East Main Street -- $12.00 (Storefront)
Genevese Dairy: 318 Truman Lane -- $50.00 (Parking Lot)
City of Northside Court Offices -- $50.00 (Parking Lot)

Pictured Left: One of our new Wheel Shovels! These babies really rock, folks. We have purchased 4 of these new wheel shovels since the heavy snow storms' extra business in December.

  solo shoveler



Our Mission: Tuition

For each of US





Founders, Towns, Partners

College Kids Snow Shoveling was founded in 2001 by a group of four enterprising Northside High School students, who have since gone on to college and completed their baccalaureate degrees with the monies they earned shoveling snow, mowing lawns, landscaping commercial and private properties, making meals for seniors in the community, and saving their earnings: Beatrice (Betty) Orosco, James (Jimmy) Wilson, Theodore (Teddy) Wilson, and Janet Hutchinson. All four (with the notable exception of Jimmy Wilson, who died serving his country in Iraq in 2004) remain on the board of directors of the parent organization College Kids Work for Schooling and actively develop new College Kids groups in other towns and cities.

The organization's most loyal sponsor throughout has been the town of Danancaigua, whose town board and local merchants have consistently and heartily supported the former Northside High School students since the inception of the group.

College Kids Snow Shoveling lists several community businesses and youth organizations throughout Tonario county as Partners, including Northside Community College. Please see the Partnerships section of our Contacts page to learn more about how you, your company, or your organization can partner with CKSS.

Like our other College Kids Work for Schooling organizations -- College Kids Landscaping and Mowing, College Kids Spring Cleaning, College Kids Make Meals -- College Kids Snow Shoveling is all about healthy work/employment for kids to earn college and trade schools tuitions monies.

Recent projects we've undertaken

College Kids Snow Shoveling is very proud to announce that our organization will soon include Way County and the towns Almyra, Williamsville, Wenark, Camedon, Lyons Falls, and Seneca. The town boards of each of these Way County communities have agreed to sponsor several new crews, as well as established crews who have already pioneered independently developed territories and won long term, regular contracts with the community members in their respective towns.

Founding members Betty Orosco and Ted Wilson have developed a 5-year expansion plan engineered to take the parent organization College Kids Work for Schooling statewide.

A list of clients and recommendations

Northside Dental Associates, Gevena
Joan and Woody Bobward, 77 Sunset Drive, Chesterville
Mrs. Connelly, Mgr., Danancaigua Senior Living, Danancaigua
Ms. Gianelli, Director of Golf, Northside Municipal Golf Course
Mantle, Mays, and Weiscoft Law Offices, 1957 Grove Street, Shortsman
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Reggie, 42 Willow Lane, Phelps Springs
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cullers, 78 Cornell Drive, Phelps Springs
Regency Cell Phones, 6 East Main Street, Clifton
Chesterville Hardware, 53 Tarloy Boulevard, Chesterville
Northside National Bank, All Branches, Tonario County
Mrs. Pilar, 119 Spalding Place, Bloom Meadows
Mrs. David Crosby, Mill Creek Avenue, Danancaigua
Mr. David Crosby, Mgr., Crosby Dairy, 7110 Overcreek Road, Danancaigua
Rockwell Guitars, 1 Norman Lane, Bloom Meadows
Lear Publishing, 341 Norman Street Ext., Bloom Meadows
Famous Pizzas, 59 Tarloy Boulevard, Chesterville
Beckett Books, 63 Tarloy Boulevard, Chesterville
Kent and Katie Billings, 2660 Mount Tam Road, Gevena

1-800-COLLEGE, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, If Affluence, Otherwise Ingenuity 20500