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Country and Western, yeah, you've come to the right place, alright! You want to throw a benefit and you got the right values. You're generous and you got style. More than anything, you need the right twang. Good choice, C & W lovers! C & W Music Charity Events will organize the entire shindig. We'll put you together with the best American Country Western tickets in America!

And when all's said and done, and yer show's gone open to close, it won't cost you a cent! That's because Keith's C & W Music Charity Events are so popular every dollar of your Setup Fee Package returns to you with the success of the show. We'll guarantee that! And we'll do all the work. Your job? Get us started with a phone call and Setup check, AND promise us you'll be raising money for a true American cause. We'll take it from there.

And the more popular yer cause, terrible American diseases like Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, and Kidney Disease, the more monies you'll take in. Our Stars will take care of that. Just look at some of the recent events we've promoted and organized:

  • Kastor Maples and the Flag Boys, 13 June 2003 in Jedd, Oklahoma, Sold out!!
  • Ginnie Kirk, 17 August 2003 Raised over $7000.00 for Begg Children's Center, in Begg, Florida.
  • Fleets Baker with the new Nashville Backup, 6 September 2003 Raised over $22,000.00 for the Provincial Kidney Foundation.