Hank's Original

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                Hank's Original, aka Hank's Original Loose Gravel Press, aka Loose Gravel,
                publishes new poetry and poming, some of which may even stay new
                for a significant period of time. FWIW... Possibly 3.5 billion years,
                maybe even a slot on PBS with the other foundations of American culture.

                Our most recent Hank's Original "chappers" include Judith Roitman's Slackline,
                Eric Selland's Still Lifes, Aldon Nielsen's MANTIC SEMANTIC, and j/j hastain's
                queer phylactery.

                We will also regularly maintain a spanky fresh, frankly non-generic
                literary journal of uncommercial, post-capitalist, pre-compassionalist,
                neat and frappy poetry, criticism, and intellectual discourse.

                This will be Loose Gravel magazine. Stay Tuned! Our first 2012 issue will feature
                poetry and close readings of David Bromige and friends from Sonoma, circa 1985.

                Henry Mancini started the original Loose Gravel in 1987, along with his cohorts
                and then bachelor buddies Jim McCrary and Steve Tills. It produced two or three
                ecstatically homespun "staple-job" issues and published primarily the mid-1980s'
                bric-a-brac band of Bromige pals Cydney Chadwick, Christopher Reiner,
                D. A. Powell, Jayne McPherson, Ann Erickson, T.C. Marshall, Paul Mariah,
                Catherine Bowers, Pat Nolan, Carol Ciavonne, Patricia Hartnet, Barbara Weber,
                along with the aforementioned three aspiring husbands and fathers, Mancini,
                McCrary, and Tills. And what's around the tight corners of those mid-1980s. Well,
                of course, David's wife Cecelia Belle -- she's always been there with David and us. &
                Steven Farmer and Susan Gevirtz and Cole Swensen and Trane DeVore, of course.

                And Jonah Raskin and Gerald Rosen and Elizabeth Herron and Terry Ehret and
                Geri Digiorno and Maureen Hurley and Carl Macki and Bill Vartnaw and Judy Stedman
                and Eugene Ruggles and Layne Russell. And then there are even more, including major
                Bromige collaborator Richard Denner, who co-authored AT LEAST three books
                with D.B. And Michael Rothenberg and Catherine Daly and Eileen Tabios and
                Kathleen Fraser
and perhaps especially one of D.B.'s oldest and dearest and most
                accomplished pals, George Bowering, also a lifelong collaborator in more ways than
                one. But also Robert Grenier and Stephen Ratcliffe and Joanne Kyger in Bolinas and
                Etel Adnan
, just south of Sonoma County.